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men wallet

From many years ago until date, men and leather wallets have always appeared like Siamese twins. Men’s wallet have always been available in many sizes, materials, and designs. That’s why many never think about the origin of this little but indispensable accessory which all men carry.

But, just like every other piece of item, men’s wallets have interesting origins, and you won’t believe the surprising journey it has undergone to date. From research, we discovered that people used wallets to carry edibles such as meat. Who will dare to do such a thing now?  That’s to show that this little piece of the item has always been very useful from inception until now.

In this article, we’re going to discuss many facts about wallets which you couldn’t have imagined.

  1. The first wallet was a pouch.

Many countries have different names for what the English call “wallets.” A French man will call it “le porte-monaie” while the Spanish will call it “la cartera.”  Apart from the name wallet, English speakers may refer to it as the billfold, pocketbook, or a change purse.

According to history, the first design of wallets was introduced in the seventeenth century. The westerners in the 1600s used coin satchels and not paper currency. So, they needed a pouch to house their coins as they move about, and that led to the advent of the coin pouch made with leather from horses or cows.

The funny thing about the leather pouch then is that men used to tie them under their garments or on their belts where others can see them. Another interesting thing is that the pouch-wallet also housed food items for the men. Imagine holding food in their wallets throughout the day. Well, it was helpful to them, especially when on the horse.

  1. The name Wallet appeared in the 1300s

It will surprise you to know that the name “wallet” appeared in a Shakespearean novel “Trolus and Cressida” which he published in 1609. Later in 1690, the New World started to use paper money, which the Massachusetts Bay Colony introduced. Due to the development, another design of wallets came out in the form of a purse or a sack. 

One significant thing to note about the 1690 design is that they had some special pockets where the aristocrats housed their calling or visiting cards used in that era.

  1. Wallets were used in the 1800s to carry  tobacco

In England and Spain, men used their wallets to carry their tobacco and every important smoking accessory. Apart from that, they had a small room to house their flint, small steel, or white paper. What men use now as a cigarette case is what the people used as their wallet. So we can say that the wallet doubled as a tobacco case and storage pouch in the 1800s.

  1. Carrying food in men’s wallet stopped in the 1800s

Sometimes it’s funny to imagine men holding food or even meat in their wallets today. As history recorded, that practice also stopped in the 1800s. According to Otis T. Mason, by the late 1800s, people now started to see the idea of moving food with one’s wallet as ridiculous and uncivilized. It became so unbecoming that even attaching it to the belt stopped because people started to frown at the idea as well.

  1. A new design of wallet appeared in 1950 to accommodate credit cards

People use credit cards today as a normal way of life, but did you know it came out in 1950? It was so precious that the bi-fold wallets was designed to house it. So, when you see that type of wallet today, just remember that our fathers used it to protect their cards.

  1. Wallets were also affected and improved by the industrial revolution

During the turn of the century, everything changed even for the textile industry. It brought about changes in the design and material of wallets. As the years went by, the leather material could be used to produce wallets of different styles after dyeing, oiling, and preserving it.

  1. Modern-day wallets stemmed from the past ideas

Nowadays, we see many varieties of men’s leather wallets. You can find the neon, washable, pastel, waterproof, skinny, and patterned wallets.

Popular Types Of Wallets Designs

Men’s wallets had come a long way from when it was designed as a pouch for all sorts of treasures to the smart designs we see now. It’s relieving to see smarter designs of wallets for men that you can carry in your pants without looking like a caveman. The modern shapes, designs, and materials are worth commending since you can easily pick a man’s leather wallet and add style to your appearance.

Some of the modern-day wallets include:

  1. Bi-Fold Men’s Wallet
Bi-Fold Men’s Wallet

If you see thirty men with wallets, you may find at least five with a bi-fold type. This design is simple and dates back to when paper money and credit cards came out. When you open it, you’ll see the main one and smaller slots for cards. The material of this type of wallet is leather, and its usually durable, making the wallet to last very long.

  1. Credit card wallet
Credit card wallet

This cardholder is popular today, and men prefer to carry them. The reason for the preference is due to its sleek design. They are thin, small, portable and allows men to carry mostly their credit cards. The material is also leather and accommodates more if you go for the sandwich or band wallet.

  1. Money Clip
Money Clip

If you’re a man who loves to keep cash, you can appreciate this design. It’s mostly for fastening cash using the metal attached to it. This accessory is not as covered as the standard wallet, but you can use it to carry cash in an organized manner. The most interesting thing is that money clips date back to the advent of paper money.

  1. Minimalist men’s wallet
Minimalist men’s wallet

This type is a combination of a credit card holder and a money clip. So it’s safe to say that this minimalist wallet can double as the two. The size is small and allows men to move about with the smallest and most important items. You can appreciate their durability too because they’re made of leather. One thing that is making this wallet a rave is the downward movement of paper currency and the adoption of cashless methods of transactions.

  1. Mobile phone case
Mobile phone case

Many people now house their cellphones in leather or plastic cases. Most of these cases are wallet that has a space for your phone and other items such as credit cards. They’re becoming very popular and also lasts for a long time.


One of the best gifts you can give to a man is a leather wallet. Many men can’t go out without one of these little helpers because it houses their treasures such as cash, I.D cards, credit cards, etc. We’ve shared a brief history and some fun facts you never knew. So, next time you see a leather wallet for men, visit You will find every type of men’s wallet in different designs, materials, and styles.

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