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Man Premier Sells the Best Men’s Wallets to Carry Your Cash

A wallet is the one thing every man should have. It is an essential everyday carry item that holds the things you need to get through the day. Wallets are generally made of leather or fabrics, and are usually pocket-sized but not always foldable. They can be used to conveniently carry personal items such as cash, credit cards, business cards, identification documents, gift cards, photographs, etc.

To choose the perfect wallet, you need to first know the different types of wallets, their main features, and who they are suitable for, regarding lifestyle and other preferences. All wallet types come in an almost infinite range of builds and colors.

Types of Wallets

There are many types of wallets on the market today. The most popular types include:

Billfold Wallet

Billfold wallet is the most commonly used type of wallets. It gets its name from the appearance of being closed, which makes any paper currency or bills to fold in half. They come in two basic types: bi-fold and tri-fold. Most of them feature three to eight credit card slots and two or three other pockets for identification or calling cards. A billfold wallet is a timeless choice and perfect for any gentleman. If you’re unsure about your purchase, choosing a billfold is a safe bet.

Sport Wallets

Sport wallets are usually made of synthetic materials which make them unable to crack from heat or use. They utilize velcro and zippers, and can be water resistant. Sport wallets are specifically made with features for men who need to ensure the contents of their wallet stay put. This type of wallet should be reserved when their functionality is a requirement – not when wearing a dinner jacket.

Money Clip

Money Clips fit better in a suit jacket’s breast pocket than most billfolds. They are made from many kinds of materials, ranging from classic leather to steel. Money Clip is a very slim and minimalist wallet, and offers an easy and effective way to carry some bills and a couple of cards.

Super Slim Wallets

Super slim wallets are also designed to hold a few cards and bills, including a piece of identification. They are mostly made from leather and paper-thin, ultra-strong materials. Super slim wallets are ideal for men who value less bulk over everything else, and they make almost no impression in your pocket.

Travel Wallets

A travel wallet is larger and built to hold international passports and other forms of identification when you’re traveling. They come in numerous shapes and sizes and aren’t practical for daily use.

Phone Case Wallets

Specifically made to hold your smartphone, phone case wallets offer a few card slots, a spot for identification, and a compartment for paper currency or bills.

There are other numerous kinds of wallets that are widely used and are made of other synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, plastic polymers, and even metal.

When purchasing a wallet, there are two vital things to pay close attention to. They are presentability and functionality. Your wallet needs to be kept functional and stylish.

Every wallet must be able to carry cash or money. You have to keep it simple and carry as little as possible in your wallet. All you need is a debit card, credit card, I.D and maybe one or two more cards of importance. Everything else can be kept at home or in the bank. This is a safe practice in case your wallet ever gets misplaced or stolen.

Most men make the mistake of always stuffing their wallet to the brim. This is not a good idea as it ruins the shape of your wallet and causes it to break down.  Coins should also be left at home or in your car because they will add unnecessary weight to your wallet.

You can choose to carry any type of wallet that suits your style. It’s advisable to consider high quality wallets that are made from leather because they are more durable and longer lasting than other wallet materials.

With a store that operates worldwide, including free delivery of all orders, Man Premier provides the best service and great prices on high quality men’s wallets. They sell a wide variety of men’s wallets that are well designed to suit your needs.

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