Your Guide to Men’s Wallets

“Accessory Every Man Must Own”

Every man needs a wallet. Wallets are not only are an extension of one’s fashion sense, but also a necessary everyday carry item for toting around the things you need to get through the day.

Does your wallet fit your style ? Do you carry a lot of cash? Mainly cards? Do you like to keep note or receipt? Or just your ID and cards ? These are all you have to consider asking yourself when selecting the perfect wallet for yourself. And often times, there isn’t one that is an ideal fit for every situation.

For other accessories like belt, tie, etc  – we have more than one, mostly determined by what we’re doing that day. Why not more than one wallet?  Yes, You should have more than one wallet  to fit your style in every  occasion and dress code. So you can be the Man Premier in your style and fashion.

That said, more and more of our customers are electing to buy more than one wallet from us. We started asking ourselves why? Well, we’ve come to the conclusion that Man have different needs for their wallet…at different times. So why not get a wallet for each situation?

Choosing wallets is as important for style as it is for function.  Here are some considerations to take.

For Your Casual Activity

Casual Leather Wallet with Coin Pocket

Wearing denim jeans on your casual activity, you can carry your wallet at the front or back pocket – with plenty of support. So, you need to ask yourself what do you want to carry in your wallet? If you consider carrying more than 2-3 cards make you cringe, then one of our Card and ID holders is an excellent option for you. If you absolutely have to keep plenty of cash and 4 out of 5 receipts, then you might consider our Casual Wallets. From one end of the spectrum to the other, these wallets are functional and slim.

For Your Business Activity
On your daily business activity wearing suits and slacks, we got two suggestions.

Slim Leather Card Holder with Key Ring

If you want to put your wallet in your pocket, then you need something slim and lightweight. With wool or cotton pants, too many things in your pocket can really weigh them down. You might consider our Card and ID holders or money clip. You may have to ease up on the amount of cash you carry, but overall your suit or slacks will look and feel much better without that bulky wallet weighing them down.
If you want to carry a lot of cash, bank notes, phones, business cards, credit cards for your daily business activity, then you might consider our Business Wallets. In the extra pockets, there is even more space for your cards. The extra pockets are perfect for business cards. And you can store your bank notes and phone in the interior of the Business Wallet.


For Your Special Activity

You might consider our Vintage Wallets. A vintage wallet itself represents what’s important to a man: his heritage, his roots, and the scuffs, scratches, and impressions of the life experiences that have made him the man he is today. Let your vintage wallet reflect the road you have traveled and the lessons you’ve learned along the way.
For Men in Fashion
You might consider our Fashion Wallets.  When looking for the latest wallet for men styles, go with the colors, textures or patterns that best reflect your own personal style. If you’re the conservative type, opt for darker colors with minimalist designs. For the more creative type of guy, take a look at brighter colors, graphics prints or elaborate finishing and chain attachments to show off your unique style.

Key wallets

Our Compact key wallets, is a great way to keep all your car keys and house keys in check to never lose them. Our web store has a selection of nylon and leather key holders of different colors, materials and overall styles.
Secondary wallet?
The card and ID holders. We recommend that everyone has one. It doesn’t even have to be your primary, but it will come in handy in a ton of situations. Going to the gym, vacation, ballgame, amusement park for the day? It’s nice to have a smaller wallet. It has everything you need for the day/week and nothing you don’t. Consider it.

For Traveling.

If you’ve ever used a passport before, or traveled through multiple airports, you know how important it is to keep track of everything. Most standard wallets aren’t equipped to handle your passport, tickets, receipts, extra documents, etc.. We suggest consolidating the contents of your current wallet with travel documents in a nice Travel Wallet.
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